Medicare Characteristics

Outstanding offers in the Medicare universe

The MEDICARE Silver Familiar Campaign provides access to top healthcare services, the best doctors and healthcare units for all the specialities, including dentistry, through established partnerships, with cheaper rates than those in the market. This offer is valid for six months, for (up to) six people, without any purchasing obligations. No bureaucracy, waiting period, or credit limit. This healthcare card has no pre-existing condition or age restrictions. You will receive a Referral by e-mail right after you subscribe, so that you may start using this Campaign's benefits straight away.

How to use your Healthcare Plan

  1. A Medical Network with the best prices: Through the MEDICARE Medical Network, you can access speciality appointments, carry out examinations, surgery, or be admitted into the best practices and hospitals in the country at lower rates than those in the market.
  2. Medical Specialties without waiting list: Without worries with the usual use credit limits, you can make your appointment in an easy and simple way in one of the MEDICARE network partners. You have at your disposal General Practice, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Pneumology, Physiatrists, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, gynecology/Obstetrics and also urgency appointments, diagnosis exams, clinical analysis, hospital assistance, internship and childbirth care.
  3. Dentistry for all: gives you access to over 1150 dental clinics around the country, and you will benefit from cheaper prices than those in the market through established Partnerships.
  4. Save in optics and pharmacies: In our Optic network you can achieve significant savings in lenses acquisition, eyeglass frames and contact lenses. You have also access to our Pharmacy network where you have advantages in OTC’s and prescribed medicines. The benefits extend to alternative therapies and a well-being network including gymnasiums, spa’s, health clubs, hotels, esthetic centers and much more.