Medicare Characteristics

Outstanding offers in the Medicare universe

The MEDICARE Silver Dental Campaign gives you access to over 1150 dental clinics around the country, and you will benefit from cheaper prices than those in the market through established Partnerships. This offer is valid for six months with no purchasing obligations. In addition to these benefits, and for your greater comfort, MEDICARE will make your appointment at your favourite dental clinic through its Customer Service, which is exclusively for this purpose. No bureaucracy, waiting period, or credit limit. This healthcare card has no pre-existing condition or age restrictions. You will receive a Referral by e-mail right after you subscribe, so that you may start using this Campaign's benefits straight away.

How to use your Healthcare Plan

  1. Prevention and treatment at the best prices: When presenting your health card in one of the Partners of the Dental Network MEDICARE you will benefit, under the Silver Dental Table of unique conditions to prevent and protect your oral health. Appointments and treatments, from north to south of the country, to agreed values that translate into significant savings against the particular prices practiced.
  2. Free Acts Included:
    The MEDICARE Silver Dental Campaign provides the three dental acts listed below, free of charge, when performed in one of the Partners of the MEDICARE Dental Network:
    Dental Check-up ;
    Dental cleaning (re-discharging);
    Teeth extraction (except extraction of wisdom tooth).
  3. On-call appointment: For your convenience, we will schedule your appointment at the dental clinic of your choice, through the Dental appointment line 211 165 530, available every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  4. In addition to these advantages, the Medical Network MEDICARE, gives significant discounts and prices agreed in specialty consultations, examinations, surgeries or hospitalizations in the best clinics and hospitals, in a universe of more than 16,000 providers, with national coverage.