The Customer Advocate is an independent entity, which aims at contributing towards the solution to small disputes between customers and MEDICARE, and at re-establishing the trust between both parties.


  • Exemption
  • Equity
  • Rigour


  • Analysis of information
  • Customer contact
  • Recommendation issued to MEDICARE aiming at customer satisfaction
  • Maximum response time: 30 Days

Conditions for Acceptance

  • No answer or unsatisfactory answer from MEDICARE
  • The information does not bear on the contractual negotiation process or request for information from MEDICARE services
  • The facts in this information did not take place over 90 days prior

Access to the Customer Advocate

  • Customers may address the customer advocate as follows:
  • Preferably by e-mail: provedor.cliente@medicare.pt
  • By post: Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 6, 2º Andar 1050-121 Lisbon